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Don did an awesome job on my transmission. Have had no problems with it and was done for a very reasonable price! Will continue to use and recommend!

Fantastic shop for all your transmission needs! brought my son's Chevy truck for a leak in the transmission cooler line. Don fixed it in one day and for half the price of the dealer! So happy not to be ripped off! Thanks Don, I'll be back and sending all my friends!

I just had my BMW X5's transmission rebuilt at KBL and was very happy with the professional service I received. When I picked up my vehicle, Don had pictures to show me of every major step in the process of the rebuild. I've never seen that before at any mechanic I've been to. It was great and created a lot of trust in the process. Don and Karen kept me apprised of everything happening during the process of having my transmission rebuilt and dealing with the 3rd party insurance coverage I have on the vehicle.

Don was absolutely fantastic. A friend of mine recommended his shop to me, the Yelp reviews were great, so I figured why not? I dropped my car off in the morning and by that afternoon he knew exactly what was wrong and had already fixed it. My 2002 Golf was having trouble getting into reverse and first gear. It has nearly 300k on it, so I thought for sure it would need a new transmission, a new clutch, or something just ridiculously expensive. Most mechanics I know would have told me I needed a brand new transmission, and left me to rot. Not Don. He corrected the linkage issue and had me back on the road for the best price I could ever have hoped for. Don is a true genius and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for transmission work. Thank you so much!

Don is a true transmission expert. He will take the time to show you what he does and even disassembled my transmission in front of me. Talk about trust. He is so fast and knowledgeable and explained the whole thing to me while he took it apart. He had it apart in about 15 minutes!. And, threw in some upgrades to make the deal even better for me! I don't think my Corvette ever shifted this fast or smooth before! He showed me all of the new parts he was using too. Why have some worker or trainee rebuild your trans when you can have the guy with many years of experience/shop owner doing it? And Don's prices are very competitive. You wont get these prices or experience at Aamco!

I would recommend KBL transmission to anyone who wants quality work at a great price..very knowledgeable with what they do..Held to his quote and even threw in a rear main seal at no charge, also spent time to fix the tow/haul button. I'm gonna have them service my other truck.. excellent.

I drive an older BMW 1998 e36, like most BMW's It has a BorgWarner sealed "no maintenance" transmission. There is no dip stick to even check the fluid levels. I was surprised and impressed with Don. It was like going to a BMW expert! He knows the truth, transmissions need regular maintenance. Afterwards the transmission shifts smooth, and runs cool. I  will recommend KBL to anyone who needs tranny work.

I took my older car to Don for a clutch replacement, and received a very reasonable estimate; it turned out that my car had other additional issues, which were quickly and professionally dealt with. I was shocked at the final bill, considerably less than I expected, especially for the extra work that was needed. I cannot say enough good things about this shop, a welcome surprise!

I live in San Diego and drive up to Huntington Beach so that Don at KBL can work on my transmission. He has integrity, something not very common in the car repair world, and stands behind his work. The way I found him was a referral from a friend who lives up there. He has taken care of my truck for about 4 years now and I won't go anywhere else. I can't recommend him enough.

I've owned a lot of vehicles in my lifetime, from brand new with four miles to a '70 Challenger with over 100,000 miles, all vehicles have the same thing in common, maintenance and repairs. When I was a child it was proper for the mechanic to show the customer the bad parts that were replaced, it was piece of mind the job was done. I honestly could not say when was the last time I was offered to take a look at parts I needed replaced that went bad, until last week. Dealerships showing customers the bad parts? Well without asking, Don Nickol showed me my damaged parts. Dying Breed Of Honest Auto Mechanics. Thank you everyone at KBL!

I had to rebuilt my transmission for my 2001 Acura MDX (common problem for this year). I got referred to KBL Transmissions by my cousin.  I will tell you 2 stories; his experience and my own.

My cousin was informed by another mechanic that he needed a power steering rack which would cost him $600 dollars. He of course shopped around and found KBL Transmissions. Don, (the owner) informed him he just needed to replace one part and it would cost $40. He was ecstatic and referred me.

After hearing about his experience, I decided to do my work with KBL Transmissions. I am happy I did. Don was reasonable and straight forward compared to other shops I got quotes from. He installed a performance transmission cooler (which he did not need to add), but added it to make sure the transmission works efficiently. He also showed me the parts he replaced and explained the work he did, clearly, so I could understand. Don does not cut corners and will do the job correctly the first time.

When your spending money for significant repairs to your vehicle, it could be a bit overwhelming. Don made my experience easy and painless. Honesty, Integrity, and most importantly doing the job correctly, are all attributes this company possesses. Drop by if your having transmission problems and they will take care of you. You won't regret it.



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Don has 30 years of experience diagnosing and repairing all makes and models of vehicles. He holds degrees in electronics and automotive technologies from Golden West College and Southern California Institute of Technology.

Hector is an expert in vehicle transmission repair.

Karen manages the whole operation.

Bob is an expert in engine management systems.

Zeth is in charge of vehicle road testing and evaluations


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7950 Yorktown Ave., Unit 17, Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Just West of Beach Blvd.

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM, Sat: By Appointment

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